Sean Nicholas O'Leary


Sean recently contributed to a book focussed on stories of change. He is also completing a manuscript for a new contemporary fiction novel.


On topics that are important to him, Sean writes articles to give his perspective and insight to help inform and educate people, as well a provoke new ways of thinking.



Change is not a scary word

Sean is a contibuting author to this book about change and transformation.


Change is not a Scary Word will give you motivation and inspiration to take action, and help you gain confidence to feel better about making that positive change!


In this book, 10 inspiring authors from across the world have come together to share their personal stories of change, and how they transformed chaos and tragedy into a better life for themselves.


From life-threatening illnesses, physical impediments, and mental health struggles, reading these true tales will show you how possible it is to turn your life around today!

Are you looking for tips to follow to take action toward your dream? Maybe you doubt yourself? If you are stuck in the doldrums of your life and need encouragement to move off that treadmill, here are 10 Influencers Leading the Way.


Are you seeking a positive change in your life? Then Change is not a Scary Word is the sign you need to take that first step to create a better version of you.



Tired and Emotional


You just reacted with a tired but very emotional response. What triggered this reaction may have been inconsequential but still, your response was fully emotional and most likely inappropriate...


The selfish side of resilience

Resilience is a very selfish practice. It has to be. Your survival and flourishing depend on a selfish approach to resilience.

Being resilient is your ability to adapt to the barrage of demands, that come through life and work, and maintain or regain an optimal state of performance and wellbeing...


It's okay to run away

Whether it's a cow flying over a castle turret toward you, a white killer rabbit lunging for your neck, or a wave of overwhelm at work threatening to swamp you, it's okay to run away.

The first two of these challenging situations are fictional but are synonymous with the Monty Python catchphrase, “Run away. Run away.”...


What has a chinese farmer taught me?

A teacher of mine, although he never thought of himself as a teacher, more a sharer of wisdom, introduced me to a story about a Chinese farmer whose simple way of meeting the good and the bad in life taught me a profound lesson.

Once upon a time, there was a Chinese farmer whose horse ran away...


Stress is not the problem

No one knows what it’s like for you. They have no idea what you’re going through. They don’t truly understand what stress is like for you. Your feeling of stress is all yours because stress is personal.


But, your personal experience of stress does not mean stress is the problem...